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New Community

I hope this is allowed here. If not please delete it, or inform me and I'll delete it.

Recently I've made a new THE OC community! It handles with everything that has to do with THE OC, meaning, Icons, Blends, FanFics (Slash is very welcomed!) and more!

You don't know where to put your FanArt? Got to occ_reality!

Oh, and to make it legal, here's a FF!

Title: The way we feel
Author: scots_rock
Pairing: Ryan/Seth, with appearances from other charas from O.C., California
Rating: R (mainly)
Summary: Bad dreams at night
Disclaimer: If this happened in the serial, you would have me screaming out loud of joy!!! But, no it didn't happen, and I don't think it ever will...
Feedback: is RYANous! *muahahaha*
Author's Notes: MUST WATCH O.C., CALIFORNIA, DUDE!!!!!!

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