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The O.C. Ships

Marissa and Ryan, Seth and Summer, and lots more...

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Welcome to the OC Ships community!

Here you can talk about your favourite couples on the hit tv series called the OC Show, which airs on Channel 10 every Tuesday night at 8:30. You can talk about Marissa & Ryan, Marissa & Luke, Anna & Seth, Seth & Summer, Kirsten & Sandy, Kirsten & Jimmy, Hayley & Jimmy, Julie & Jimmy, Julie & Caleb, and others. You can also post pictures, icons, wallpapers, blends, headers, Friends Only banners, desktop themes, blinkies, animation, music videos, and lots more.

So please join today and the only rule is that once you become a member you have to post something. You can either introduce yourself or post something that was mentioned above and by doing that it will help get the community going :)