Tara (chocoholic_0721) wrote in ocships,

hello,i am new too :D

hi.i'm taRa and i'm random.i love the O.C. i might be bordering on obssessed here...then again,i really am.hehe. ;p

no,i did not make that icon up there (or on the right,or left,or wherever the userpic is placed).in fact,i don't know how to make any kind of graphic that much.but i'm learning. :D

i'm obssessed with seth/summer.obssessed.how many times will i use that word?hehe. ;p i just love their relationship.it's something different,you know?rage blackouts.haha. ;p i love how they can always pull through for each other in the end,somehow,after a problem or something (which,in fact,they have encountered many times).

seth/summer made me think that the geeky guy can get the popular girl,too.then again,who would ever say no to seth cohen? ♥ *fan girl sense tingling*

well,that's pretty much it.feel free to add me,i haven't been on lj very long and i just scouted tonksified's journal for groups i could join and find friends in.thanks,patty. :D

take care,everyone. ♥
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